Tolfte ekonomisk-historiska mötet

Stockholm 12-14 oktober 2017


Stockholm hereby invites to the twelfth Swedish economic-historic meeting in 2017, organized by the Swedish Economic History Association. The meeting is held at Frescati between Thursday 12 October and Saturday 14 October. Department of Economic History at Stockholm University is the main organizer. The Institute of Economic and Business History Research at Stockholm School of Economics is co-organizer and take part in the working comittee.


The meeting has an important role as a meeting point for every economic historian in the country. Attendance is wide from the PhD students as well as from established researchers. Plenary sessions debate and vent topics of general interest in the subject, and smaller parallel sessions discuss a wide range of papers. The meeting helps to stimulate the exchange of ideas and cooperation between the economic-historical institutions in different parts of the country. The conference provides a good picture of ongoing research. We welcome contributions in all the fields of the subject, both from economic historians and other researchers, both in Swedish and English. Unless otherwise specified, the sessions will be held in Swedish. More information about registration and conference fees will come later.


Welcome to Stockholm!


Working committee for the twelfth Swedish economic-history meeting



Registration now open


You can now register on the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/eXhH8RQIOVSeIZXT2


The registration closes September 15, 2017

Important dates

Friday 15 September


Last day for registration and payment of conference fee.



Monday 25 September


Last date to submit your paper


Email your paper to: paper[snabel-a]ekonomiskhistoria.org.


Our preference is that the session organizer emails the papers merged into one pdf-file.

12 - 14 October


The 12th Meeting takes place in Stockholm.