Conference program 2021


The 2021 conference will have six panel sessions with 6-7 parallel panel sessions (A-G).

Conference schedule and rooms

Some papers have been made available prior to the conference, please find them here:

Downloadable papers


Thursday Oct 7th

Administrative meetings


Friday Oct 8th

Session 1: 8:30-10:30

Panel A1: The History of small business as business history**

Panel B1: Monetary policy, government actions and corporate finance in response to crises

Panel C1: Historical Perspectives on Labor and Technological Change

Panel D1: The Swedish Sonderweg debated

Panel E1: The economic history of the music industry – from 1771 until today

Panel F1: Urban Demography - New approaches using longitudinal micro-level data* (note: this session has been moved from Saturday to Friday)

Panel G1: Human Capital (ZOOM session)

Session 2: 11:00-13:00

Panel B2: Finance, structural transformation and growth in 20th century Scandinavia

Panel C2: Industrialization: A Micro-level Perspective*

Panel D2: Arbetets världar. Historiska, globala och organisatoriska perspektiv*

Panel E2: Colonial legacies and development paths in the global south, part I

Panel F2: Urban Demography - New approaches using longitudinal micro-level data*

Panel G2: The United Kingdom during the Interwar Era: Developments across the North Sea (ZOOM session)

Session 3: 14:00-16:00

Panel B3: Central bank policies in theory and practice in a changing world

Panel F3: Natural capital, resources and sustainability in historical perspective

Book presentations: 16:15-18:00

List of books to be presented

Conference Dinner at Skansen Kronan 19:00

Skansberget, Leijonsparres Väg 15, 413 04 Göteborg

Please indicate in the registration whether you wish to participate!


Saturday Oct 9th

Session 4: 9:00-11:00

Panel A4: Agrarhistorisk spår**

Panel C4: Historical Perspectives on Internal and International Migration


Panel E4: Stockholms bopriser

Panel F4: PhD student panels**

Panel G4: Transport infrastructure, the state and nation building (ZOOM session)

Key Note Speech: 11:30 - 12:30

"Five centuries of regional (in)equality - what have we learnt from historical accounts?"

Kerstin Enflo

Professor at Economic History

Lund University

Session 5: 13:30-15:30

Panel B5: New pathways in Business History*

Panel C5: Labour, wages and inequality*

Panel D5: New perspectives on international cartels: size, scope and impact*

Panel E5: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle! Nordic Industries and Sustainability in the 20th century

Panel G5: Colonial legacies and development paths in the global south, part II

Session 6: 16:00-18:00

Panel E6: Grundutbildningen efter pandemin

Farewell drink 18:00-

Location TBA

*) Double-session

**) Triple-session

Program 2021 full version:

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